Intel's 865/875 Superior Performance Song Remains the Same

Albatron PX875P Pro

BIOS Version: 1.02

Albatron's motherboard comes in an attractive, shiny gold box. The features are up to date, but not exactly generous in scope. For example, there are no features on the PC875P Pro beyond the functions of the Intel chipset. Albatron decided against the CSA solution for the network controller and instead uses a PCI model from Marvell that quickly nears the PCI limits at full load in Gigabit operation.

Still, this is no low-cost board. For one thing, the important capacitors are of high-quality Japanese make. The motherboard layout is also generously large, almost extravagant. There are sure to be no problems with long expansion cards, only the floppy connection at the bottom edge of the motherboard was a somewhat inconvenient choice. The fact that Albatron did away with a Northbridge fan is worthy of praise.

At start-up we encountered a situation seen with many competitors as well, that the EPROM of our low latency DIMMs wasn't read properly, so that the memories only would operate with CL 2.5 instead of CL 2.0-3-2-6. This can be adjusted manually, but it would certainly be desirable to have it be automatic.

Albatron offers all the necessary options in for successful and high-powered overclocking of the system. All clock speeds, ratios, and the CPU multiplier can be adjusted along with voltage for processor, RAM and AGP.