Intel's 865/875 Superior Performance Song Remains the Same


Soyo provides a dazzling display of accessories, with cables for just about any situation. Four SATA cables, three ATA/100 cables, a floppy cable and a sound module with optical interface are all to be found in this superb package. Then there is the SB Box - a front panel system providing a FireWire port and four slots for different flash memory cards.

The English-language manual is comprehensive and fully documents the components, BIOS and installation procedure. A driver CD is supplied, as well as an 8-in-1 bonus pack from Soyo containing Symantec Ghost, Anti Virus 2003 and Personal Firewall 2003. A further five programs or varying degrees of usefulness are included (Adobe ActiveShare, Acrobat Reader, eBook Reader, Imagemore, Vcom Autosave).

The M5281 is a four-channel Raid controller. The Soyo uses two channels for SATA and also provides two Ultra ATA-133 ports. The user can configure RAID arrays if desired.