Intel's 865/875 Superior Performance Song Remains the Same

DFI LANParty Pro875B

BIOS Version: 0409

A few weeks ago, we already got acquainted with the LANParty Pro875B when we used it for an overclocking project in which the P4 Northwood was compared with the controversial Prescott . The overclocking results we obtained are worthy of attention - they were in no way inferior to the performance of the established overclocking leaders.

As the name already suggests, the LANParty board is well rigged for LAN party events. An AC97 sound system is usually enough to let you rock, since headphones are used most of the time anyway. Nonetheless, a digital output would be an asset to future models.

Intel's CSA chip for Gigabit Ethernet is a must, as well as the ICH5R with RAID support for the two SATA ports. An additional HighPoint controller is also featured with two UltraATA/133 connections, which also supports DFI's RAID 1.5.

DFI cut some corners with voltage regulators, employing only three phases. Several competitors have much better ideas in terms of regulator solutions. The reset and power on switches that DFI planted right on the motherboard are great and make life easier for freaks and hardware testers both. The three fan connections should really be enough most of the time - but freaks will need more of course, since colorful fans have become popular modding items.

DFI's CMOS Reloaded function is also worth a mention - the current configuration status can be conveniently saved and called up in several menus in the BIOS, allowing, for example, one setup to be saved for the bedroom (low clocking, quiet fans) and a second one for the LAN party (maximum performance). You'll see the gleam in the eye of the hardcore LAN party gamer though when he gets a look at the package contents (see next page).