Intel's 865/875 Superior Performance Song Remains the Same


Inside the big box from DFI things are really well organized, with the contents subdivided into smaller boxes. This is in contrast to many other motherboard packages, which seem to be designed for unpacking only, making it nearly impossible to put everything back together again.

Not in this case: the first box contains the motherboard complete with manual, drive media and installation instructions. It also includes a LANParty sticker about 20cm in size - after all, you might want to show off what's going on inside. An extra CD containing WinRIP and WinDVD from InterVideo are also included in this box.

The accessory kit contains the SATA cable and a gameport adapter. The round cable box is clearly labeled, FrontX is a modular 5.25" kit that lets you connect numerous wires to the front of your computer.

But the most important extra is what DFI calls the PC Transpo for, well, transporting your PC. Buying a similar contraption separately at the store costs a fat wad of cash; here it's part of the package.