Intel's 865/875 Superior Performance Song Remains the Same


Nice: Built-in graphics and two network ports are rarely seen on a desktop motherboard. This model is aimed more at the workstation or entry-level server market.

Supermicro, too, supplies monitoring software, with somewhat fewer bright lights, bells and whistles than most of the competition's offerings. Super Doctor III is a Windows service that allows any computer in the network to access any other using a browser. It is well suited to the needs of administrators.

The comprehensive manual covers all important issues and describes the board's features in detail. As well as the driver CD and an adapter for the second serial port, we found six Serial ATA cables in the box, along with ribbon cables for ATA drives and floppy.

The RageXL from ATI is still a standard chip for integrated graphics in server systems.

The four SATA ports provided by the Marvell chip are located at the front. This is an important feature if boards are to be installed in a rackmount server.

Although there are plenty of cables, we would have liked to have seen an adapter for another two USB ports.

ATX blanking panel, manual and driver CD.