Intel's 45 nm Penryn CPU: 4 GHz Air Cooled

Overclocking I - 3.33 GHz

Since the processor Intel is using to launch the new family is an Extreme Edition model, it comes with an unlocked multiplier. That allows us to overclock the CPU without having to increase the FSB speed.

The default multiplier of the QX9650 is 9x, which results in a clock speed of exactly 3.0 GHz on a 333 MHz FSB (1333 QDR). To kick off our overclocking tests, we increased the multiplier to 10x.

We were able to overclock the QX9650 to 3.33 GHz and boot into Vista without having to increase the default core voltage of 1.25 V any further. Of course, we expected no less from a 45 nm CPU.

The QX9650 can operate at 3.33 GHz at its stock voltage.

We ran Prime95's torture test (version 25.4) to see whether the processor was stable at this clock speed, and it passed with flying colors.

Intel is giving this extra performance away for free - the processor's frequency can be increased by 11% without the need for higher core voltage.

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