KVM Switches that do DVI from Aten


It's taken a long time for the first KVM switchboxes with DVI and dual VGA support to hit the market. These Aten products make a good impression, however. The operation of these new models is simple and straightforward, just like their predecessors in the Master View series. By using the many pre-defined hotkeys it's possible to switch among individual devices, signals and client PCs. These KVMs are ready to use as soon as they've been unpacked and cabled up. The cable and connector labels are easy to read and understand, enough so that any layman can hook things up.

The only disturbing factor associated with these devices is the strain from their nearly six-feet long cables. In the worst case, they could pull a KVM right off a desk or table. Only the rubber feet keep the box from sliding off the table whenever you push a button.

Another potential concern is that the DVI models draw power only from their power supplies. In the dual-VGA version some of the necessary power comes from the USB ports, but on the DVI models that doesn't cut it. Also, there's no combination DVI and dual-VGA device available either. Thus, you must decide between DVI support for one monitor or dual-VGA (analog) support on your KVM.

Siggy Moersch