KVM Switches that do DVI from Aten

CS-1762: 2-Port DVI Switch

The smaller model offers connections for two client computers (which can be Macintoshes or Suns, as well as PCs) and two additional USB ports. The CS-1762 also offers two more USB ports for its operator console peripherals, which means that PS/2 keyboards or mice can't connect to this device. Along with the KVM connections, the box also offers two audio connections. One is green for Audio out, the other pink to denote Audio in. This also illustrates one limitation of these KVMs: they can only handle simple stereo sound. Audio schemes with more than two outputs and one input (2.1) can't interoperate with this gear. It's obvious that KVM vendors haven't really tracked the steady migration of PC audio to the 5.1 or 7.1 standards that have been around for some time now. Perhaps this is something we'll see in the next version of this equipment.

Retail package with all the accessories

Pushbuttons and USB ports are on the front of the device

All the connections are on the back of the device

Siggy Moersch