KVM Switches that do DVI from Aten

Aten Masterview Series: Switch Boxes For Dual Displays

Along with DVI you'll find many more dual-display systems in use nowadays. In other words, more users put two CRTs or flat panel displays on their desktops, and want to work with both of them. And finally, KVM vendors are catching up with this trend. Aten also offers KVMs that are compatible with dual-display systems as part of its product lines. The CS-1742 and CS-1744 can handle not only standard KVM inputs, but perhaps should be named KVVMs because they're ready to deal with systems with twice as many video signals to switch. If a normal four-port KVM permits doing without up to three monitors, a dual-display KVM doubles those savings to as many as six.

Dual-display capable KVM switches

CS-1742: 2-Port Dual-View KVM Switch

The CS-1742 switch is designed for two client PCs that each need dual display outputs. Along with the video signals, the KVM also switches USB and audio signals as well. The input devices for the console must be USB-based, because this box doesn't support PS/2 keyboards or mice. The two additional USB ports on the KVM may be used to attach other USB peripherals to the device as well. Using a special serial update cable, included with the retail packaging, you can keep the KVM firmware completely up-to-date.

Retail package with the KVM and all the necessary cables.

Aten builds both dual-port models in a well-constructed metal case.

An extraordinary number of connections for a 2-port KVM.

Siggy Moersch