KVM Switches that do DVI from Aten

CS-1764: 4-port DVM-Switch With DVI

The CS-1764 does everything that the smaller CS-1762 can do. The only real difference is that all client connections on this version come in fours rather than pairs. The retail package also includes four sets of all the necessary cables as well. If you hook up all four sets of cables, you can't help but notice that they exert a considerable tug on the KVM box itself. The rubber feet on the enclosure can't always cope with the strain, and the box won't always sit safe and level on your desk- or table-top if it's too close to the edge. You'll find it does a better job of holding its position if you move it closer to the center of some work surface, or anchor it with something heavy on top of the case.

A slick retail package job

Front view of the CS-1764 Switch

The back side has the client and console connections

Cabling for the 4-Port KVM: DVI + Sound + USB

Additional USB devices also hook up in back

Console input/peripheral devices attach to the front of the box

Siggy Moersch