KVM Switches that do DVI from Aten

One Step Further: Switch Boxes For DVI

Using a KVM switch to work on two or more computers with a single keyboard, mouse and monitor can certainly make life easier. However, we had to wait a long time for KVM switchboxes to catch up with modern technology, such as the all-digital visual interface (DVI) connectors for flat panel displays. Until recently, users had no choice but to use only D-15 analog VGA connectors with KVMs - a relic of the bygone CRT era. But such devices now not only enable switching among multiple sound and USB sources, they can even switch between systems with two monitors attached.

Once all the necessary connections are made, a single button makes it easy to pick the machine you want to use. Switching between systems takes only a few seconds, and a beep signals each changeover. Depending on which box you buy, you can manage two, four or eight PCs with only a single flat panel display and the rest of the necessary gear.

We examine the line of KVM switches from Aten, although there are others that are on the market that can handle DVI video, including switches from Belkin, IOGear, and StarTech.

Siggy Moersch