Lian Li Lancool One Digital Case Review: Old School Style With RGB Flare

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Benchmark Results & Conclusion

We tested the Lian Li Lancool One Digital with our new Intel i9-7900X test platform. For comparison, we used the be Quiet! Silent Base 601be quiet! Dark Base 700Cougar Panzer EVO RGB and NZXT H700i to give you a good idea where this case stands against other cases that are of similar size and feature sets.

I wish I had something more exciting to say about this chassis' thermal performance, but our Intel i9-7900X processor running at 4GHz turned in numbers almost identical to all the other cases used for comparison.

The same goes for our GPU results. The most impressive aspect is that the LanCool One Digital kept up with the competition while utilizing just two 120mm fans.

As always, we took sound level readings with two off-the-shelf dB meters from two different angles. With the fan speed at default speed (1,000 rpm), our test system registered 29.9dBA at idle, putting it right in the middle of the pack. Under load, sound output increased to 32.8dBA, almost identical to that of the other comparison cases.

Cooling efficiency and noise levels are both ways to measure performance. Determining acoustic efficiency, also referred to as cooling-to-noise ratio, is a matter of averaging all five of our tests to determine a base value.

This chassis' relatively low $90 asking price gave the Lian Li Lancool One Digital a favorable value score in our performance-to-price comparison. There is also a standard RGB version of this chassis, dubbed the Lancool One, available for those that have motherboards that do not support addressable RGB.

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  • spikey in tn
    Nice case, but it sounds like someone is being too cheap to complete what they started.

    Fix the nickle-and-dime issues and charge another $5.00 for what could be a great case without any drawbacks.