PC Racing: Much Easier With A Steering Wheel!

Saitek R440

The RX 440 is the force feedback version of the 220, with the same ergonomics and pedal set. No need to go into further details on these aspects we have already discussed. This version does need a driver, which is installed with no trouble in Windows Millennium. For XP, you have to download an update (http://www.saitek.co.uk/ ). Like its stable-mates, it comes with Immersion 2, so you can adjust the strength of the effects and centering in games without or without force feedback. The effects are pretty strong and well-defined, enough to be able to feel a change in surface, for instance. The wheel is fairly precise, though not in the same league as the Microsoft and MOMO. In short, this wheel has the same defects in the finish and ergonomics as its mate, but is more precise when in use. It costs $105.

On the inside, it is the same quality as the RX 220, with cleverly placed gear-wheels for force feedback. Unfortunately, there is still the same play on the axis.


If you can afford it and are a real racing game enthusiast, then don't hold back - the Logitech MOMO Force is what you need. The quality of its manufacture, finish, ergonomics, precision and appearance was irresistible for us, in spite of its cost. Otherwise, in the non-force wheels, the Microsoft Precision Wheel was our favorite, followed closely by the Thrustmaster Modenas.