PC Racing: Much Easier With A Steering Wheel!

A Good Wheel, Continued

Reality can be deceptive

We discovered something really astonishing in this test - apparent quality, even from an objective point of view, has no discernible bearing on wheel precision. The MOMO of course, being ball-bearing mounted, is more precise, but for all the others, appearances are deceptive.


Ergonomics are very important for a wheel. If the design forces you to play in an unnatural position, you will tire quickly and lose precision. The wheel must be designed to let the hands and thumbs immediately fall into a familiar and comfortable position when in neutral. The grip of the wheel is just as important; it should not slip out of your hands, so smooth plastic is not as good as, say, rubber.

The pedals are even more important. Very few allow your feet a really convenient position. Your foot should not get tired, and the pedal must be designed so that it takes just the right amount of pressure without you having to force it, but with enough travel and firmness for an adequate gaming experience. Some manufacturers have made the brake pedal firmer than the accelerator, which is a good idea because this is closer to what you get on a real vehicle.


This aspect is not to be neglected, either. If the wheel wobbles or detaches itself when you are playing, it can be a real pain. So clamps must be sturdy but uncomplicated to use. For the pedal set, there are no two ways about it - they generally have anti-slip pads, so their mobility during the game will depend on size and weight.