PC Racing: Much Easier With A Steering Wheel!

ACT Labs Shifter

The unique aspect of the RS system is that it can be extended at will by adding cartridges at the back. The Shifter is a very professional lever with a seven-gear metal shift plate. This plate can be changed for other shift models. More simply, there is a six-gear plate and synchro shift gear in plastic, which come with the wheel. Simply mount them on the metal plate. The Shifter is easily fastened under the wheel with the metal tab, and then the cartridge is connected at the back. The only trouble is that you then need a game for the lever.

In F1 games, there is not much point in this, because they have synchro shift gear boxes behind the wheel, so the accessory serves no purpose. It's more logical for rally games, but the system is still synchro shift and you will only use the two-gear plate, which is a pity when you think of the capacity and price ($60). So we're left with the Papyrus/ Sierra products as just about the only ones with games worthy of the Shifter. The most recent, Nascar 2002, and Grand Prix Legends, the most advanced simulator ever, are truly designed for the Shifter. With Nascar, you'd think you were actually there.