PC Racing: Much Easier With A Steering Wheel!

Logitech Formula GP

This is the same wheel when it comes to looks and molding, but in yellow. The pedal set is also the same, as is the shape of the wheel, so no need to go into further details. On the other hand, the return spring is too slack and the precision is poor. Plugged into the game port, the wheel has to be adjusted each time it's used, and even then it's not always precise. It has no problems with XP compatibility though. Anyway, you can quite happily ignore this wheel, which is only good for arcade games and still costs $50.

But inside...

Like the force feedback wheel, the interior of this model is nicely finished and mechanically well-designed. The fastenings are simple but strong, and the spring seems pretty good. So again, precision is due to electronics, because the thing itself is well made.