PC Racing: Much Easier With A Steering Wheel!

Logitech MOMO Force, Continued

Pedals deluxe

The pedal set is in the same league. It is covered with an aluminum plate and the pedals are forged with the same alloy. The feet press easily on the gas and brake pedals, and their position comes naturally. Just a small gripe though: the travel for the gas pedal is a bit too short, and it's not firm enough for my taste. But I'm splitting hairs. A cable leads from the pedals and connects to the wheel and the USB port of the PC. The power supply is plugged into the pedals, which is an excellent idea as electrical sockets are usually near the floor, so it prevents a tangle of wires on the desktop.

Not just a pretty face

When it is open, you can see that it's just as impressive inside. The wheel axis is fitted into a hermetically sealed plastic casing and mounted on two steel ball bearings. You can't beat that! On the other hand, the potentiometer is the same as all the others, at least in appearance. However, this doesn't stop the MOMO from being absolutely precise. Note too that all the electrical connections are plugged in, not welded!