PC Racing: Much Easier With A Steering Wheel!

Logitech Formula Force GP

Unfortunately, the other Logitech wheels are simply not up to MOMO level. Though there are whispers at Logitech that a lighter version of the MOMO might be presented at the E3, which is the video game show held in Los Angeles in May. Still, the Formula Force GP is not a bad wheel. It's not at all too expensive, and it looks pretty good, though a closer look shows the finish is a bit tacky. The wheel itself has a comfortable rubber grip, although it's not outstanding. The spot for the thumbs is fine, elsewhere less so. The clamp system with two plastic screws is simple and holds well, but the buttons and shift levers are badly positioned and hard to operate.

Good, on the whole

The pedal set is light and easy to use. Feet don't get tired and the travel is long and firm enough. The brake is stiffer than the gas pedal, and that's not a bad thing. The Immersion 2 force feedback is easy to adjust and has a variable centering system. The effects are fine, fairly powerful and accurate enough. The driver is no problem to install with Windows XP, and there are no glitches.

Precision is good when in use, but not exceptionally so. It is well suited to rally and arcade games, but lacks precision in Formula 1, where it wavers in the center. In the end, this wheel is respectable and attractively priced, but the Microsoft model is more precise and ergonomically designed.