PC Racing: Much Easier With A Steering Wheel!

Logitech MOMO Force, Continued

In use

The wheel is completely compatible with Windows XP, but it is advisable to install the software to get the most out of the advanced settings. The Immersion 2 force feedback can be set to a hair's breadth and you can choose the centering strength, which is essential for rallies such as Colin McRae. The profile program lets you customize settings for each game, notably wheel sensitivity.

The MOMO Force was tested on two of our favorite games: Colin MacRae 2 for rally, and F1 Championship for Formula 1. I won't leave you hanging - this wheel works wonders in both cases. In rally racing, it is lively and responds gracefully to sudden movements. Force feedback is both powerful and precise, a real pleasure. That said, I personally would prefer a non-force version for even more accurate driving. I was less enthusiastic about the gas pedal. The pedal set is ergonomic, but the travel was a bit short.

Well let's be honest about it. The MOMO Force is a lovely thing that all racing lovers would dream of having in front of their PC. And don't consider the $220 to be a waste. If you like racing games, you'd best be content with some of the better games and buy a really good wheel. Personally, I only play one game at a time, and for months on end. A good PC, Colin McRae 2 and MOMO Force - what more could you want? Clearly, if you can afford it, this wheel wins every time in this test!