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Pixio PX247 Review: Cheap Speed With Impressive Performance

The Pixio PX247 is a 24-incher boasting 144Hz IPS.

Pixio PX247
(Image: © Pixio)

 We often talk about the ‘last 1%’ rule. There are many displays that provide 99% of the performance of the premium products but for more reasonable prices. Squeezing out that extra percent of performance requires more than a little additional investment. But there are some monitors that attempt to defy established pricing norms. Though IPS panels have come down in price over the past several years, they still represent the top of the cost spectrum in every category. The Pixio PX247, however, is an outlier.

(Image credit: Amazon)

For $170 at this writing, the PX247 delivers a reliable 144 Hz refresh rate and FreeSync, and we even got G-Sync to work equally well. In addition to an effective overdrive, video processing cuts no corners and delivers the same smooth tear-free motion we’ve seen on dozens of more expensive displays.

There are three things we’d like to see added to this monitor. The color temp should be set to Warm by default, as it would put the PX247 on our Calibration Not Required list. That simple change lowered the average error from 6.12dE to 2.39dE. The second thing would be gamma presets, or a tweak to the default gamma to make it a little darker. Our calibration improved the average value a little, but at 2.12, it’s still a tad low, meaning you won’t get the best possible image depth and color saturation. (Speaking of that, we managed an impressive 1.49dE score in the color gamut test. That’s professional monitor territory) Finally, the PX247’s stand, while solid enough, is too low for most desktops. A taller upright could fix that easily.

The Pixio PX247 is more than merely competent. It provided hours of fun and we never felt like we were missing out due to the lack of extra features, like HDR or extended color. Plus, frame rates will always be at or near 144 fps with most video cards.

For budget systems, it’s hard to imagine a better value than the PX247. Of course, there are larger screens out there, and today’s standard is more in the 27-inch realm. But if you are looking for maximum bang for the buck, definitely check out the Pixio PX247.

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Christian Eberle
Christian Eberle is a Contributing Editor for Tom's Hardware US. He's a veteran reviewer of A/V equipment, specializing in monitors.