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Pixio PX247 Review: Cheap Speed With Impressive Performance

The Pixio PX247 is a 24-incher boasting 144Hz IPS.

Pixio PX247
(Image: © Pixio)

Viewing Angles

(Image credit: Tom's Hardware)

Viewing angles are a common reason for users to favor IPS panels, and the PX247 is a good example. It maintains solid luminance at 45 degrees to the sides with only a slight 10% reduction. Detail is still well-rendered with all steps clearly visible. A green tint is visible from this view, but this is typical of all the IPS panels we’ve photographed. 

When viewing the monitor from the top you can see a blue shift, 20% light reduction and a moderate loss of detail.

Screen Uniformity

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(Image credit: Tom's Hardware)

Our PX247 sample showed a little glow in the upper left corner when viewing a black field pattern. This issue was not visible at higher brightness levels, nor could we see it when gaming. The tight front screen layer fit is likely to blame for this. Though the PX247 takes last place here, the flaw did not detract from our gaming or work experience. There are neither visible uniformity issues nor variation in brightness in anything but a totally black (zero signal level) screen. 

Pixel Response and Input Lag

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Pixio PX247

(Image credit: Tom's Hardware)
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Pixio PX247

(Image credit: Tom's Hardware)

Here’s where the PX247’s value really shines. Its response and lag scores helps it compete among the quickest monitors we’ve tested. 7ms is a typical response time for a 144Hz screen. At that speed, motion blur is a non-issue and eliminates any need for a backlight strobe. With just 26ms of total control lag, the PX247 equals the Cooler Master with a higher refresh rate.  

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Christian Eberle
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