R600: Finally DX10 Hardware from ATI

Meet The Entire Family

Today, ATI is launching three distinct graphics chips for desktop and three for the mobile space. There will be different versions for each product with identifiers like Pro and XT. The moniker for each will depend on clock speeds and memory densities. The first card to hit shelves is the Radeon HD2900XT based on the R600 processor. We will focus our attention on R600 as it has the most to cover and it will be available from retail and E-commerce stores.

Desktop Retail Name Processor Mobile Retail Name Processor
HD 2900 R600 HD 2600 M76
HD 2600 RV630 HD 2400 M74 / M72
HD 2400 RV610 HD 2300 M71

RV630 varies from R600 in that it has 120 streaming processors in 3 SIMD arrays. This means that there will be eight blocks of five SPs. Additionally, there will only be one render back end and two texture units. This will effectively diminish the amount of texturing and post processing via features like depth (Z) and stenciling. Below is the block diagram of the layout for RV630.

RV630 architecture for Radeon HD 2600 (Click for a larger image)

RV630 architecture for Radeon HD 2600 (Click for a larger image)
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