Single CPU in Dual Operation: P4 3.06 GHz with Hyper-Threading Technology

DirectX 8 Hardcore Game: Comanche 4

Comanche 4 was one of the first games on the market to come with DirectX 8 support. The Athlon XP 2800+ makes up ground with its high clock rate and Dual-DDR333, and provides a similar level of performance as the Pentium 4/ 2666 with PC1066. The clear winner is the 3.06 GHz P4. Older processors, like the Pentium 4/ 1800 or Athlon XP 1800+, struggle to play this game at all. They just don't have enough power. Bear in mind the P4 3.6 hasn't been introduced by Intel yet.

DirectX 8 Hardcore Game: Unreal Tournament 2003

Another current game with DirectX8 support is Unreal Tournament 2003. The Pentium 4 3.06 GHz takes first place with 211 frames, ahead of the Athlon XP 2800 with 207 frames. Here we have Dual-DDR and Dual-RDRAM in contention.