Single CPU in Dual Operation: P4 3.06 GHz with Hyper-Threading Technology

Archiving: WinACE 2.2

Zipping files is a process that is very relevant to everyday computing. With the help of the new WinACE 2.2 zip program, we zipped a 178 MB WAV file in Windows XP, and measured how long it took. The 3.06 GHz Pentium 4 moved to the top of the pile for this exercise.

3D-Rendering: Newtek Lightwave 7.5

The benefits of the optimization measures implemented in the Pentium 4 processors are particularly evident in the Lightwave benchmark. The P4/ 3066 sets a new record, and the Athlon XP 2800+ - despite Dual-DDR333 - is beaten well into the middle of the field.