Single CPU in Dual Operation: P4 3.06 GHz with Hyper-Threading Technology

High-Tech From 3 GHz: New Cooler Design For P4

From left to right: classic P4 cooler, old reference design, and new reference design.

The same coolers from above.

Reference design from Intel for socket 478 cooler.

Due to the higher power dissipation of the faster processors, Intel is introducing a new reference design for CPU coolers. To ensure that P4 CPUs receive adequate cooling, they are only being supplied as part of a package that includes a suitable CPU cooler. The picture shows three different P4 coolers. The model in the center is a reference design, considered too expensive for mass production. The very latest Intel cooler design specifies a tighter gap between tips of the fan blades and housing. What's more, the tips of the blades cut through the air nearly at right angles to the housing, to keep noise levels at a minimum. A striking feature of the new cooler design is its copper core, which provides significantly better conduction of heat away from the CPU. We can expect to see power dissipation figures of up to 100 W in the near future, which can only be dealt with using high-tech coolers.

The classic P4 cooler: simple, yet very effective, with ventilation slots at the side.

This is new: openings at the side of the heat sink for airflow. These can also provide cooling for the voltage regulator components, if required.

Latest design from Intel: powerful CPU cooler for high heat dissipation processors.

Like the cylinder head on an air-cooled engine, the cooling fins are parabolic in shape. Together with fan blades running at right angles to the cooling fins, this guarantees optimum airflow and good cooling.