Memoright SSDs: The End of Hard Drives?

RAID 0 Benchmark Results: SSD vs. Conventional Drives

As already mentioned, we also compared four of the Memoright Flash SSDs in a RAID 0 array. We used four Seagate Savvio 10K.2 drives as well as four Western Digital WD1500 Raptor drives. We regret that we did not yet have access to four VelociRaptor drives, which would have been an even better comparison, as four of them roughly equal the cost for one 32-GB Memoright MR25.2-032S.

Streaming Read Performance (RAID 0, 4 Drives)

ssd memoright

The Memoright Flash SSD RAID 0 array constantly writes 460 MB/s, while the conventional hard drives are limited to less than 350 MB/s. It’s obvious that the new VelociRaptors could come close to this excellent result, but they most likely won’t beat it.

Streaming Write Performance (RAID 0, 4 Drives)

ssd memoright

Streaming write performance is similar. It is important, though, to be aware that the controller cached most of the writing operations, hence the graph is somewhat inflated. The result of 430 MB/s at single commands (Q1) is realistic.