SSD Price Index 2024: Cheapest Price on 1TB, 2TB and 4TB Models

SSD Price Index by Model

You can almost always use more or faster SSD storage. Whether that's upgrading from a PCIe 3.0 drive to a faster, PCIe 4 or 5 boot drive or adding on a second, 2TB disk for data storage, you want to get the lowest SSD Price possible. 

The price of SSDs changes rapidly, due to both sales and fluctuations in NAND Flash prices. Today, that Samsung 990 Pro 4TB you've been craving might be $299 but tomorrow it might be $229. Or one store may have it for $50 less than another. 

We maintain a list of the best SSDs to help you decide which models and capacities might be right for you. Below, we have a comprehensive list of the leading 4TB, 2TB, and 1TB models and the lowest prices you can find for each in the U.S. This page is updated each week so check back often.

Note that, since there are hundreds if not thousands of SKUs, we have chosen to focus on the major makes and models here: Samsung, WD, Crucial, Solidigm, SK hynix, and others. We're also covering only NVMe drives, not SATA. 

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Lowest SSD Prices by Capacity and Model 

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PCIe 5 SSDs: Lowest Prices

The very latest in SSD tech, PCIe Gen 5 SSDs offer the most bandwidth available as long as your motherboard or device supports it. With blazing sequential speeds of up to 12,400 MBps, these drives are almost creeping up on double the speed of PCIe Gen 4 drives. You'll pay a hefty premium for these but you'll get top-notch speed. Note that we've grouped all PCIe 5 capacities together in one table.

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SSD ModelBest US PriceLowest-Ever U.S. PricePCIe Gen
Corsair MP700 1TB$149$1395
Corsair MP700 2TB$250$2395
Crucial T700 1TB$151$1345
Crucial T700 2TB$257$2145
Crucial T700 4TB$417$3525
Gigabyte Aorus 12000 2TB$264$1495
MSI Spatium M570 2TB $199$1995

4TB SSDs: Lowest Prices

Below are all the PCIe 4 and 3 drives in 4TB capacity. Usually, you'll pay a premium for 4TB capacity, but it's a great size, particularly if you're planning for this to be your one and only drive. With 4TB, you can fit a ton of games, video clips, and even virtual machines or AI models on your system.  

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SSD ModelBest US PriceLowest-Ever U.S. PricePCIe Gen
Corsair MP600 CORE XT$234$1594
Crucial P3$229$1593
Crucial P3 Plus$237$1764
Kingston Fury Renegade$334$3304
Sabrent Rocket 4 Plus$499$3494
Samsung 990 Pro$299$2494
Seagate FireCuda 530N/A$3124
Silicon Power UD90$209$1584
TeamGroup MP34N/A$1463
WD Black SN750N/A$5333
WD Black SN850X$309$2294

2TB SSDs: Lowest Prices

The sweet spot in price and capacity for a lot of consumers, 2TB SSD drives have enough storage for most applications and games and come at a more affordable price point. Some of our personal favorites include the Samsung 990 Pro and Western Digital SN850X because they are standout Gen 4 2TB SSDs.    

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SSD ModelBest US PriceLowest-Ever U.S. PricePCIe Gen
Corsair MP600 CORE XT$139$794
Crucial P3$116$673
Crucial P3 Plus$124$744
Crucial P5 Plus$186$874
Kingston Fury Renegade$168$1124
Sabrent Rocket 4 Plus$219$1294
Samsung 970 Evo Plus$170$743
Samsung 980 Pro$169$994
Samsung 990 Pro$169$1194
Seagate FireCuda 530$189$1304
Silicon Power UD90$102$754
SK Hynix Platinum P41$145$1044
Solidigm P41 Plus$119$624
Solidigm P44 ProN/A$994
TeamGroup MP33$99$653
TeamGroup MP34N/A$693
WD Black SN750N/A$1223
WD Black SN770$132$824
WD Black SN850X$149$894
WD Blue SN570$220$843

1TB SSDs: Lowest Prices

While you can pick up a 512 or 256GB SSD in a pinch, 1TB is the minimum capacity you should have on a computing device these days. If you're not doing a ton of gaming, media editing or local AI modeling, you can definitely get by with a 1TB SSD as your boot drive. 

If you're using a desktop and have an open NVMe slot, you may also want to buy a 1TB SSD as a D drive you can use to supplement the storage on your boot device. These days you can get a decent 1TB SSD for less than $50. 

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SSD ModelBest US PriceLowest-Ever U.S. PricePCIe Gen
Corsair MP600 CORE XT$79$544
Crucial P3$64$393
Crucial P3 Plus$69$394
Crucial P5 Plus$146$454
Intel 670p$83$323
Kingston Fury Renegade$91$694
Sabrent Rocket 4 Plus$119$794
Samsung 970 Evo Plus$100$423
Samsung 980$87$393
Samsung 980 Pro$99$444
Samsung 990 Pro$119$594
Seagate FireCuda 530$106$694
Silicon Power UD90$59$384
SK Hynix Platinum P41$104$764
Solidigm P41 Plus$68$294
Solidigm P44 Pro$89$494
TeamGroup MP33$56$353
TeamGroup MP34$69$393
WD Black SN770$73$394
WD Black SN850N/A$684
WD Black SN850X$89$544
WD Blue SN570N/A$393

These are the lowest prices we could find in the U.S. on major SSD models. But if you're in the market for a processor or graphics card, you can also check out our CPU price index or GPU price index.  

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  • Giroro
    Are you really so sure that 175GB doesn't cost $50? Somebody should send these prices over to Sony.
  • AndrewJacksonZA
    We're also covering only NVMe drives, not SATA.

    Thank you, but please would you do SATA as well please?
  • Air2004
    It would be nice if you'd have mentioned form factor in the headline.

    Before the trolls come pouncing.
  • LolaGT
    I grabbed one of those 1TB P5 plus drives for my new build. Seemed pretty nice for $45 and is about a dozen times faster than anything I've ever owned. (I live well behind the bleeding edge)
  • cyrusfox
    Good summary of best prices especially as we are leaving the oversupply conditions and prices are stabilizing higher.
    For those in the market I recommend you check out PCPartpicker and sort by price and size, I would not recommend buying the cheapest, but then you can see what is available at that price class.

    For the sata market, go used, plenty of old datacenter 2/4tb drives going for a pittance.