Thermaltake View 71 TG EATX Case Review

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Hardware Installation & Test Configuration

The hardest thing about building with the View 71 could be sorting through its mixed screw pack, which contains rubber motherboard spacers, additional standoffs for oversized motherboards, and fan screws in addition to the expected M3 and #6 case screws. Buyers also get a manual, cable ties, a PC (beep code) speaker, two 3-pin fan extensions, and an adapter socket for installing standoffs with a flat-head or #2 Phillips screwdriver.

The View 71 TG cable kit is straightforward, having only HD-Audio, USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 connectors, in addition to legacy front-panel leads. Legacy leads include a power LED connector that’s split to support both standard 2-pin and legacy 3-pin spacing.

We can’t imagine too many PC configurations that wouldn’t fit within the View 71 TG, though someone will likely comment on one. Users with super-long cards can remove or displace the hard drive cages, and those who would rather put oversized liquid cooling components in that space will find countless mounting points to attach them.

The finished build doesn’t look like most of Thermaltake’s press photos, since most of those showed either the RGB version or a complete system filled with additional LED fans. Thermaltake sent its three-fan RGB cooler for a later review, and adding it to this build could have allowed the approximation of certain press photos. Unfortunately for Thermaltake, we'll use our old “standardized” test chassis to test that additional component.

We haven’t exactly tested a perfect comparison case to the View 71 TG. The Crystal 570X includes both more fans and an RGB controller. The MasterCase Maker 5T has less glass. And the Enthoo Evolve is far closer to being a true mid-tower, yet these are all within the View 71 TG’s price class and target market. Though it only has a single glass panel, only the Dark Base Pro 900 has the size and component capacity to match the View 71 TG.

Comparison Products

Test Configuration

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Drivers & Settings
ChipsetIntel INF
CPU4.2GHz (42x 100MHz) @ 1.2V Core
MotherboardFirmware 17.8 (02/10/2015)
RAMXMP CAS 16 Defaults (1.2V)
GraphicsMaximum Fan for Thermal Tests | Nvidia GeForce 347.52

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Thomas Soderstrom
Thomas Soderstrom is a Senior Staff Editor at Tom's Hardware US. He tests and reviews cases, cooling, memory and motherboards.
  • dstarr3
    Okay, I like tempered glass, but this went too far.
  • veiledcas
    The comment about build quality is enough to see me look elsewhere.

    It's not the first time I've heard that about Thermaltakes newer cases either which should give anyone pause for thought.
  • apleming66
    Still love my Level 10 GT Thank you!
  • sillynilly
    I love the hinged glass - great to see that since I have dropped a glass panel before.
  • drwho269
    How many 3.5 hard drives does it fits?
  • JamesSneed
    If they did a version with aluminum top, front and back side piece so the only glass panel shows off the insides, I would think about it. I like how they did the bezels on the front and top that should keep cooling efficient and noise down just not sure I would love showing off the dust bunnies on the filters.
  • Crashman
    20103993 said:
    How many 3.5 hard drives does it fits?
    A total of seven if you have no 2.5" drives. Due to the way those other three are laid out, it made it difficult to document in the features table.
  • Brian_R170
    42 lbs !?!?
  • balearic
    3.5" drives... stupid case
  • Crashman
    20104295 said:
    42 lbs !?!?
    A hair over that. Not recommended for 98-pound-weaklings.