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Nvidia 3D Vision Vs. AMD HD3D: 18 Games, Evaluated

Civilization V

AMD HD3D and the TriDef Ignition Driver:

Excellent 3D result in DirectX 9; DirectX 11 does not work

The TriDef driver does an excellent job in DirectX 9

This game works very nicely with the TriDef driver in normal 3D mode as long as the game is rendered using DirectX 9. DirectX 11 does not work at all. Frankly, the DirectX 11 enhancements aren’t particularly significant in this game (they're mainly used to improve performance, rather than augment visual quality), so you probably won’t notice a difference.

If you try to use TriDef's Virtual 3D mode instead, you'll end up with a depth-oriented anomalies.

Nvidia 3D Vision:

Excellent 3D result

Nvidia's 3D Vision works equally well in DirectX 9 or 11

This game appears to work flawlessly with Nvidia’s 3D Vision. There’s not much else to say, which we consider to be a good thing.