Nvidia 3D Vision Vs. AMD HD3D: 18 Games, Evaluated

World Of Warcraft

AMD HD3D and the TriDef Ignition Driver:

Good 3D result with Virtual 3D mode

The TriDef driver works flawlessly in Virtual 3D mode. The cross-view screenshot does not appear to capture the 3D effect, but you can see that the water shows no anomalies at the highest detail setting.

This popular MMO looks very good using TriDef's default mode, except for some artifacts on reflective water. This can be eliminated by enabling the TriDef Virtual 3D mode, resulting in very good 3D output.

Nvidia 3D Vision:

Excellent 3D result with slight setting reduction

3D Vision works great in World of Warcraft, but the water detail muct be set to the minimum level to avoid artifacts. Compare the water to the TriDef screenshot above.

While the 3D Vision result is almost perfect, there are notable artifacts in reflective water, which are quite a bit more distracting that the ones we experienced using the TriDef driver. Happily, this problem can be eliminated by lowering water detail. Like Blizzard’s StarCraft II, World of Warcraft also supports 3D Vision convergence and separation controls in the game options.

  • renick
    nvidia 3d vision is best in all............
  • Kamab
    Except for the ones where it's not recommended. Good thing I have one on this rig! Now I just got to shell out some cash for some 3D Tech.
  • the_krasno
    3D is over hyped in my opinion, it will be some more time before games can correctly exploit it.
  • falchard
    Everytime nVidia pushes out a proprietary format they shoot themselves in the foot. They just can't make it marketable with such a low market share. You need something like Microsofts 90% market share to think about making a closed standard.
    Anyone notice the bevel on the Samsung model. That beautiful for multi-monitor.
  • Scanlia
    Great comprehensive review! Loved it.
  • alyoshka
    Nice one, and really long awaited.
  • i tried Tridef in EVE online, absolutely stunning. :)
  • SteelCity1981
    During preliminary testing, we noticed that a decent Phenom II X4 had some trouble providing smooth frame rates, and mid-level graphics cards were cut down to their knees

    Time for Bulldozer!!!
  • assassin123
    i loved it great review keep it up
  • RazberyBandit
    Would it kill Tom's to use high-resolution pop-up pics? It's nearly impossible to discern any differences in detail or artifacts when comparing such low-resolution images. C'mon...1024 x 317? Seriously?