Unevenly Matched Mini-Trio: MSI vs. Shuttle vs. Saintsong

Saintsong Latte P4: Espresso With Lots Of Foam, Continued

The Taiwanese manufacturer Saintsong touts its Micro PC as the smallest computer in the world. This makes the system very similar to the test subject of The Smallest of Them All: The P4/2400 Micro PC from Jadetec. As opposed to the micro-PC from Jadetec, this computer, dubbed "Latte P4," is built with a 2 GHz Intel Pentium 4, based on a motherboard with SiS 651/ 962 chipset. Latte P4? Makes you think of the Italian espresso drink with lots of foamy milk... Despite its compact dimensions and heavy metal case, the Micro PC seems somehow unfinished, more like a prototype. What's more, individual elements like the case and the front panel don't even match in color. The transitions from metal (case cover) to plastic (front panel) are not perfectly matched; it is also obvious that the edges are not completely symmetrical. Not to mention the thin layer of enamel that shows scratches in places at first use. With the Latte P4, Saintsong is trying to create a sort of symbiosis of notebook and PC components.

Here is a shot of the Latte P4's inner workings - a symbiosis of notebook and PC components.

Ultra-compact and tightly packed: mini-CD drive.

Powerful CPU cooler, but still loud: high-speed fan.