Unevenly Matched Mini-Trio: MSI vs. Shuttle vs. Saintsong

Shuttle SB52G2: Mini-Server With No AGP, Continued

The package includes almost identical equipment to that of the SB51G. Shuttle deals logically with the accustomed thermal problems by including two large ventilation grills in the the aluminum cover of the SB52G2, which make it unnecessary for the fan of the heat pipe to reach a high rpm to generate an adequate air current. In our opinion, the Shuttle mini-PC has the best design of all test candidates. The color combination (black and silver) gives the impression of high quality with a techie feel.

The finger screws, allowing the PC to be opened easily and quickly, are practical. The mini-PC does very well in a weight comparison, because of its aluminum structure: weighing in at just 5 kg (fully equipped), it is considerably lighter than, for example, the heavyweight, the Hermes 845GV from MSI. What still remains, however, is the loud operating noise of the Shuttle - we calculated an average noise level of just under 50 dB(A). The lab technicians frequently complained about the loud operation of the mini-PC.

New: ventilator grills provide good air circulation, but operating noise is high.

Noise: the fan of the heat pipe has to operate at a high speed under heavy capacity.

Modified case cover: as opposed to previous models, metal grills were attached for better air circulation.