ViewSonic Elite XG240R 144 Hz Gaming Monitor Review: Speed and Versatility

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(Image credit: ViewSonic)

The ViewSonic Elite XG240R offers a lot of performance for the money. In addition to the ability to run FreeSync (and G-Sync, unofficially) from 24-144 Hz, it’s an extremely fast screen with instant response and no motion blur or perceptible input lag. Aided by FHD resolution, it can easily maintain its maximum 144 fps frame rate in any game when used with a reasonably priced AMD or Nvidia graphics card.

Also impressive here is color accuracy. Though its initial grayscale and gamma measurements were average, color gamut targets were spot-on right out of the box. We only needed a few simple adjustments to achieve pro-level grayscale tracking and much-improved gamma. The XG240R won’t deliver the dynamic range of a VA panel, the XG240R’s TN part showed strong contrast in all our tests. Coupled with nicely saturated color and a sharp 92 ppi density, picture is superb no matter the content.

Selling for $270 / £212 at this writing, the XG240R is a competitive 24-inch monitor and a solid value for gaming. Performance is at the highest level for elite and casual gamers alike. It’s worth serious consideration if you’re looking for a small and fast monitor.

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Christian Eberle
Contributing Editor

Christian Eberle is a Contributing Editor for Tom's Hardware US. He's a veteran reviewer of A/V equipment, specializing in monitors.

  • runelynx
    Hello Christian (author),
    Your article says GSync worked for you on this monitor; it very distinctly does not for me. The GSync menu option in the NVidia control panel is gone after swapping out my old monitor with this one.

    Any advice ?
  • runelynx
    Solved my own problem :) Had to use the monitor's menu to turn on FreeSync... then GSync popped up in the Nvidia app. Woot! Lovin this monitor.