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ViewSonic VX924: The Near Future Of LCD Displays

High Color

We ran our LaCie calibrator test on the VX924 and the results were satisfactory.

Recall that this graph shows the difference between the desired color shade and the one actually displayed.

  • If DeltaE >3, the color displayed is significantly different from the theoretical one, meaning that the difference will be perceptible to the viewer.
  • If DeltaE <2, LaCie considers the calibration a success, with a slight difference remaining, but one that will be all but undetectable to the user.
  • If DeltaE <1, color fidelity is excellent.

The VX924 did fairly well in the area of color fidelity; colors were faithfully reproduced. Note, however, that the results weren't satisfactory in sRGB mode; we had to re-adjust manually to get the curve shown here. In the absence of graduations, it's hard to say what the optimum adjustment was, except in terms of color temperature, which was 6500 K, as you might have expected.