ViewSonic VX924: The Near Future Of LCD Displays

World Record

After our very positive first test of an 8 ms monitor, ViewSonic is back with another Overdrive model, the VX924. We were enthusiastic about the VP191b/s, so naturally we were impatient to see what this unit could do.

The specifications are enough to make you drool: 4 ms latency (gray-to-gray). You might ask what purpose such low latency might serve, since the maximum refresh rate is 75 Hz, or one frame every 13 ms. But the specifications are there, and in any case we measure the response times of all monitors ourselves using the same method .

Once again, the results prove that we're right in using our own method, because the VX924 had a few surprises in store for us.

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ViewSonic VX924
Diagonal measurement19 inches
Native resolution1280x1024
Brightness270 nits
Latency4 ms / GTG
H/V viewing angles160/160
ConnectivityVGA, DVI
List price$499