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ViewSonic VX924: The Near Future Of LCD Displays

What Does It Mean To Users?

These results have to be put into perspective. Our measurements of fall time produced very low values - sometimes below one millisecond - which means that the remanence of a light object on a black background has all but disappeared. And in itself, that's already an impressive result. That's what we could see, for example, when we moved the mouse cursor around on the desktop. We saw no ghosting, no trails, no loss of cursor brightness... nothing.

Everything will depend on how you use your monitor. Since the phenomenon is transitory, the static qualities of the display aren't affected. Drawing or photo retouching won't suffer from the phenomenon. For gamers, the impact should be limited, because they naturally pay less attention to precise color rendering during fast games. But multimedia performance, and video in particular, are likely to suffer.

And that's what we noticed during a scene consisting simply of smoke on the screen. The smoke looked somehow diffused, its gray level was only average, and as a result we could see a lot of video noise because the intermediate states were lighter than the final tint.

From The Scope To Your Eyes

The VX924 was pleasant to use as a work monitor for office applications. A DVI connection is preferable, though, because VGA was not as sharp. The viewing angles were comfortable and the brightness was at a reasonable level, meaning you'll be able to work for hours without burning out your retinas.

Video games were no problem either; the monitor was very reactive, especially during abrupt transitions. But the difference between this model and the VP191b/s wasn't dramatic. On the other hand, it's a visible improvement over standard 8 ms panels like the Hyundai L90D+. The lack of accuracy in transient states is not really bothersome.

On the other hand, the video experience was fairly mediocre. A lot of noise was visible in scenes where there was smoke or certain color gradients, like a sunset for example. It was unpleasant to watch, and the performance here was clearly not as good as the ViewSonic VP191b/s.