500 Hour Test of Tomorrow's Windows "Vista"

Internet Explorer, Continued

Inside the Languages controls in the Internet Options you'll find...

...an interesting extension in IE 7. It's possible to specify a local domain suffix, such as .net or .de. This means that users need only enter "tomshardware" then press Alt+Shift+Enter to open www.tomshardware.de.

The printing function was always a problem in Internet Explorer. Who hasn't been ticked off because output is truncated on the printed page because the page is too wide to fit on a single page? The new version of IE eliminates this irritant: the print function scales web pages automatically, and the print preview function offers genuine WYSIWYG display.

As it should be: printing that always fits the page size.

The download window shows no obvious changes.

Download complete: the directory specification works even when the target location is on the desktop.
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