500 Hour Test of Tomorrow's Windows "Vista"


As in all previously versions of Windows, games are included with Windows Vista as well. Next to the many old favorites you'll find some new entries, which we'll introduce here.

Card games

What would Windows be without the old familiar Solitaire, or without FreeCell and Hearts? All of these games are still included with Vista, and have been completely reworked for the first time ever. Even that Windows XP favorite, Spider Solitaire, is still alive and kicking.

In Vista, all card games now enable users to save the game state when they exit. Thus, you can now pick up where you left off at some point in the future.

Finally! You can now save the game state for all card games, and then continue play later on.

Card decks and backgrounds have been completely reworked, and make a more comfortable impression.

This mother of all Windows card games gets a new suit of clothes in Vista; otherwise, you'll find changes only in small details. For example, after a prolonged period of inactivity the game will assume you are stuck and will provide hints about which cards to move next.

A boon for beginners: after prolonged inactivity, the game suggests your next move.

The game also offers advice on how to double-click and right-click cards to speed gameplay.

New game, new odds: you can replay the current game if you like, so thoughts such as "If only I'd made a different move, I could've won this game!" will now be a thing of the past.

If you change a setting during play that requires the game to be restarted, you can still play the current game all the way through to the end.
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