500 Hour Test of Tomorrow's Windows "Vista"


Although countless implementations of chess are already available, Microsoft decided to get into the game of kings with Windows Vista. The presentation is well-executed and the game lovingly recreated in its virtual world. Because most users' PCs now include reasonably capable 3D graphics cards, the standard interface shows an isometric 3D view of the game board. Numerous visual filters and reflection options turn this game into a feast for the eyes.

A feast for the eyes: the chessboard and pieces look very realistic.

Those whose setups don't support the necessary graphics capabilities, or who prefer a more classic look, can revert to a flat 2D appearance if they so choose.

With 3D support turned off, the game is not as pretty.

Users can choose from three board layouts, and they have multiple options for game pieces as well. A randomly selected combination of designs is also available.

Wood, marble, or porcelain? You get to choose.

One feature that's very helpful for novices is the game's ability to display possible moves. For example, if a knight is highlighted with the mouse, the game shows in blue all of the possible "L-shaped moves" from that position.

Where to? Colored paths help novices find their way around the board.
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