500 Hour Test of Tomorrow's Windows "Vista"


Windows Explorer has been around since Windows 95, when it replaced the Windows 3.1 Data Manager. Since then, this utility has been included with every iteration of Windows; it has also been partly extended with a new Internet-Explorer-like version, and endowed with new functions. But it gets its most comprehensive face-lift ever in Windows Vista.

Same as it ever was: chkdsk is as taciturn as it was in the NT4 era.

A summary dialog when overwriting files. Finally you can save the old file under a different name!

The time remaining indicator now deals properly with small files, and is also noticeably more realistic.

If you open the enhanced display, you will see that both the count of files remaining to be copied and the copy data rate are shown.

Preparing to copy also hides useful information...

...that you can make visible with a single click.

As the file copy nears its end, the progress bar turns red.

Copied files are sorted in alphabetical order, along with the originals.
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