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ATI All In Wonder RADEON 8500 DV

Differences Between The North American And The European Versions

In addition to the TV tuner differences, due to the NTSC and PAL standards for TVs, there are also differences in the software. The European version offers Teletext software, while the North American version has a subtitle function as well as a TV program guide (Gemstar Guide Plus+).

Bundled Software

With Ulead VideoStudio 5 in the package, ATI gives their card the added value of complete video editing capabilities. This software can also operate DV cameras that are connected by FireWire. After a short time of learning how to use the software, you'll find that it is very easy to use.

MPEG-2 videos created with this software can be used for video CDs for playback on your home DVD player (of course you would need the appropriate CDR software for that). A user's manual and tutorials can be found on the CD.

Mediator 6 is an extensive program for creating websites and multimedia presentations. Again, the user's manual is only available in electronic form on the CD.