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Fall Extreme Gamer System Shootout Part 3: Alienware's ALX

BIOS Settings

We are going to include the BIOS configurations as well so you can see what makes these systems purr.

System Settings
CPU Multiplyer14.0
HT/FSB/CPU Frequency216 MHz
CPU VoltageAuto
DDR VoltageAuto
Chipset VoltageAuto
LDT Multiplyer---
LDT Voltage---
HT Voltage---
PCI Clock Synchronization ModeAuto
PCIe Clock100 MHz
Graphics Clocks
GPU Core Clock430 MHz
GPU RAM Clock1.20 GHz
Memory Timings
MemclockEffective Frequency400 MHz
TclCAS Latency2.5
TrasRAS Active Time7T
TrcdRAS to CAS Delay4T
TrpRow Precharge Time4T
TrcRow Cycle Time10T
TrfcRow Refresh Time12T
TrwtRead-to-Write Time4T
TwrWrite Recovery Time3T
TwtrWrite to Read DelayN/A
TwclWrite CAS LatencyN/A
TrrdRow to Row DelayN/A
TrefRefresh TimeN/A
CMDCommand Timing / Memory Timing2T