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Gaming Shoot-Out: 18 CPUs And APUs Under $200, Benchmarked

Results: Far Cry 3

With Metro 2033 behind us, along with our first look at average consecutive frame time difference, let's apply the same methodology to Far Cry 3.

This time, the Pentium, Athlon II X3, and dual-core APUs are brutalized at 30 FPS and under, while the rest of the pack delivers smooth frame rates. This is in line with our CPU scaling results from Far Cry 3 Performance, Benchmarked, except that the Phenom II X4 fares much better. We're benchmarking with more demanding graphics settings this time around, so perhaps that is helping normalize the processor performance.

The order falls in place just as we'd expect it to when we look at frame rates over time.

We didn't expect this; the Intel chips generate the highest consecutive frame latencies in Far Cry 3. With that said, those latencies are pretty low. They're almost irrelevant, in fact, until we get down to the Core i3-2120 and Pentium G860.