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CPU Performance In VR: 11 Games Benchmarked

The Mage’s Tale

The Mage’s Tale doesn’t have adjustable quality settings either. However, this UE4-based title, funded by Oculus VR for the Rift, is definitely more demanding than Gunjack. We capture 80 seconds of the introduction as a benchmark.

Big frame time spikes cause a significant number of dropped frames on AMD’s FX-8350. But these don’t last long enough to engage ASW mode.

Dropped frames dot the other four plots as well, corresponding to big frame time spikes.

Interestingly, that green line peeking out below the others hints at a Core i9-7900X win.

Converting measured frame times to unconstrained frame rates confirms the -7900X’s superior performance. Ryzen 7 1800X also nips close at the heels of Core i7-7700K. And FX-8350 isn’t as far behind Core i3-6320 as we’ve seen in other games.

CPU utilization generally doesn’t jump above 10% or so on a Core i7-7700K, so the Core i9’s advantage probably isn’t a result of its 10 Skylake-based cores. We suspect that The Mage’s Tale responds well to larger L2 caches.   

Ninety-five percent of FX-8350’s frames land under 10.1ms. Jumping to the 99th percentile measurement sees this figure rise to 11.2ms. That’s where a lot of the dropped frames come from. Moreover, extreme spikes as high as 346ms are an order of magnitude more severe than the worst frame times encountered on our Core i3, Ryzen 7, and Core i9 platforms.


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The Mage’s Tale
The Mage’s Tale
Chris Angelini
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