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Lian Li PC-Q30 Case Review: A Mini-ITX Chassis With Flair

Motherboard Installation

Installing a motherboard in Lian Li's PC-Q30 is a pretty relaxed affair if you lay the case on its back after popping in the I/O shield.

Four pre-installed spacers make it easy to screw the platform into place.

Connecting the power cables comes next. I recommend keeping the chassis on its back for this because its center of gravity is off without the aluminum front cover. The case’s back cover, along with its 140 mm fan, can be removed after unfastening four thumb screws, allowing for easy access to the back of the motherboard if you need it.

Again, hide any cables you don't need in the SSD cage. It's important to tidy up the insides, since Lian Li's PC-Q30 sports a large acrylic front window that'll mercilessly show off stray cabling.

Don’t forget to wipe fingerprints off of the front window and surrounding aluminum before button the enclosure up. They're very easy to see from the outside.