Report: Codenames for AMD Volcanic Islands GPUs Revealed

The folks from over at SemiAccurate have made a very detailed analysis of the codenames of the upcoming Volcanic Islands GPUs, and they have come up with some interesting results.

For starters, the leaked codenames belong to two groups, the Radeon group and the FirePro group of GPUs. They are allegedly as follows:

AMD Volcanic Islands Radeon:

  • 67B1 = “HAWAII PRO”
  • 67B0 = “HAWAII XT”
  • 67BE = “HAWAII LE"

AMD Volcanic Islands FirePro:

  • 67A2 = “HAWAII GL Gemini"
  • 67A1 = “HAWAII GL40”
  • 67A0 = “HAWAII XTGL"

What appears is that the FirePro "Gemini" will not feature two XTGL chips, but rather two GL40 chips. The possible reason for this would be to keep the card's TDP below the accepted maximum of 375 W. The GL40 parts would be either cut-down versions of the XTGL parts, or cherry picked parts that run well on low voltages.

From the information provided we cannot say yet whether one of these parts would be a flagship part or not, though it does indicate that there will be at least six Hawaii-based GPUs.

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  • vmem
    so do we get sea islands, or volcanic islands later this year? there seem to be leaks for both -_-

    though if we skip HD8000 and go straight to HD9000 series, that would be amazing and put AMD in a great position
  • aggroboy
    Looks like it will likely be Sea Islands HD8000 for OEMs this year. We need to wait till 2014 for Maxwell and Volcanic.
  • cosmodoc
    Boring! Where are Tambora and Krakatoa?