Club3D Reveals Two New 80 Plus Gold PSUs

Club3D has launched two new PSUs, one that can push up to 700 W and the other up to 1000 W. Both PSUs are 80 Plus Gold certified. The model numbers are CSP-D700CG for the 700 W unit and CSP-X1000CG for the 1000 W unit.

The units both feature four 12 V rails. The 700 W units can provide up to 30 A; the 1000 W unit will push 36 A. Club3D has also fitted the units with large blue or green fans, as well as a semi-modular wiring configuration. Because they are 80 Plus Gold certified, they feature an efficiency of up to 92 percent.

The units should already be hitting shelves any moment now.

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  • Unolocogringo
    those are terrible specs. Extreme el-cheapo units.
    30A x12v =360watts 12v on a 700watt power supply
    36a x12v = 432watts 12v on a 1000 watt power supply.
    My GS 600 produces 572 watts on the 12v line.
  • m32
    This is why you should only buy name brand PSU. Someone should regulate PSUs. This is the face of "false advertisement." I feel bad for the person who buys this because your not getting 700-1000w worth of power.... unless you like alot of 5v
  • anort3
    Those specs are incorrect.

    The 700w unit has 4 x 30a rails with a max of 54 amps or 648 watts on the 12v rail.

    The 1000w unit has 4 x 36a rails with a max of 83 amps or 996 watts on the 12v rail.

    Both units and all Club 3D units use Andyson as their OEM.