Samsung Offering Sandy Bridge PC Refunds

If you've already bought a Sandy Bridge-based computer, you're probably pretty discouraged at the news that there's a flaw in the chipset.

Samsung has already stepped up to the plate and said that it will refund customers' money for those who have purchased a PC from the company. Six models were on the market in South Korea, while there was only one available in the U.S. Only 2,000 to 3,000 units were sold since launch.

Bloomberg's report on the matter centered around Asian computer companies, and listed NEC as a company that may delay the release of its products. Given that the fixed chipset won't be available for a couple of months, a delay seems likely.

Fujitsu, Acer, and Lenovo did not share details on what they intend to do regarding the flaw.

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  • kscr7
    i had a feeling such a good chip is too good to be true...
  • bearclaw99
    ^^ The problem isn't with the chip itself
  • milktea
    I'm not surprise. With Samsung, quality always comes first. I'm really happy with my Galaxy S. :D