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Whether you're looking for extreme portability, high-performance gaming on-the-go, a portable workstation replacement, or the best value on a budget, Tom's Hardware has the reviews, specifications, and benchmarks to help you find what matters most to you in a laptop.


MSI's new GT60 2PC Dominator outperforms the company's previous-gen GT60 2OC thanks to a new CPU, new GPU, and triple-monitor Surround technology. We compare both configurations, add up the differences, and...


We had a chance to play with AMD's new mobile flavor of the Kaveri APU. While it sheds some of its desktop-related limitations, will it be able to take the fight to Intel's stronghold, the Notebook space?

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news - JULY 25 15

Here comes the wave of value-priced Windows 8.1 laptops.

Tutorial - JULY 26

Its very easy to find out the RAM of your computer, but many people do not know this. Follow step-by-step to find out the RAM of your computer. ...

news - JULY 24 15

Here's a budget-friendly Windows 8.1 laptop.

news - JULY 24 5

This portable gaming rig has a Core i7-4710HQ processor and Nvidia's GeForce GTX 870M GPU.

news - JULY 21 13

A Chrome for Windows bug can drain a laptop's battery.

news - JULY 18 16

Here's a new gaming laptop from MSI.

news - JULY 16 9

CyberPower Pc reveals its thinnest and lightest gaming laptop yet.

news - JULY 16 8

Why build your own when Origin PC can do it for you.

news - JULY 15 15

Windows tablets under 9 inches will be cheap in price later this year.

news - JULY 14 19

Here's Lenovo's very first laptop with a 4K resolution.

news - JULY 11 7

Two models will be made available sometime this month.

news - JULY 2 4

These laptops can be a fire hazard.

news - JULY 1 18

Can HP compete against Alienware?

news - JUNE 27 8

Asus' new docking station has a whole variety of standard-fare ports.

news - JUNE 24 3

You can configure select MSI notebooks via iBUYPOWER.

news - JUNE 16 17

SteamBoy Machine is working on a portable PC gaming "console."

news - JUNE 11 13

Wireless charging could be available for laptops and tablets soon.

news - JUNE 10 16

This year at Computex we saw one of the first big steps to moving maglev into the mainstream – putting them in laptop keyboards.

news - JUNE 4 6

Here's an intriguing new gaming laptop from Gigabyte. Some quick hands-on impressions.

news - JUNE 3 5

ASUS Republic of Gamers intros a gaming PC, a console gaming PC, and a gaming laptop.