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Lexar NS200 SATA SSD Review: Plain Jane SATA
Lexar’s NS200 provides solid SATA-level storage performance, but competitors offer slightly better speeds for around the same price.
Seeed Studio Grove AI HAT for Raspberry Pi: Artificial, But Not Intelligent
Billed as a tool for running artificial intelligence workloads at the edge, is the Grove AI Hat a cheap alternative to a Google Coral USB Accelerator?
North Focals Review: Stealthy, Stylish Smart Glasses
Focals, new smart glasses from North, act and look like prescription glasses and have an AR display only the wearer can see, with apps like Alexa and Uber.
Pimoroni Inky wHAT for Raspberry Pi Review: Smart ePaper Display
A low-power, low-effort add-on display for any modern model of Raspberry Pi - just don’t expect a rapid refresh rate.
Cooler Master MasterLiquid ML360P Silver Edition Review: Fuzed-Fan Style
Cooler Master’s fetching new 360 AIO comes equipped with an attractive --but potentially problematic -- 3-in-1 fan.

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