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Best Cheap CPUs of 2019, Tested and Ranked
You can get a high-quality processor for less than $60. We tested several cheap CPUs to help you find the right one.
Asus ROG Strix Z390-E Gaming Review: Stretching The Envelope
Intel’s Core i9-9900K has pushed mid-level enthusiast motherboard pricing well into what was once considered the high-end. Can Asus’s Z390-E Gaming win this market?
Wooting One Keyboard Review: Analog Switches, Great for Your Digits
The Wooting One is a compact keyboard that stands alone, thanks to its analog switches and customizable actuation point.
Lenovo Legion Y740 Gaming Laptop Review: Smooth Operator
The Lenovo Legion Y740 performs as well as it looks. Unfortunately, some physical flaws, like a nose-shooting webcam and weak keyboard hold it back.
Corsair One Pro i180 Review: Full Power in a Tiny Tower
Content creation professionals, take note. Corsair’s compact One Pro i180 is compact, powerful, and (mostly) quiet.

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